Driving has been my passion for as long as I can remember. In fact I made my first vehicle at a very young age. My training began at IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY, where I majored in Driver Education. Behind the wheel instruction is only a part of learning to drive and with over twenty years experience, I think I’ve seen it all in the mysterious art of Competent driving.

My aim is to make you a careful, competent and proficient driver. Dual control takes away any fear and from the start you know you are in safe hands. I cover everything you need to know to pass your test and in fact many of my students achieve 100% passes

I am accomplished in the “Calm approach” and am proud of the success I have achieved with the “less confident” learners. “I take the nerves out of swerves” A quote from one of those students that says it all. Everyone and Everyone is capable of learning to drive with the right approach.

Unlike some of my competitors, I do an assessment at the beginning of your training. I give my honest opinion of how many lessons you will require in order to successfully pass your test. Whether you need four or forty lessons is irrelevant. I will monitor your progress efficiently and steer you to success! Evidence shows that One lesson a week is the most advantageous.